2019 Georgia State Regional 1 Rally (UNCLASSIFIED)

Oct 18, 2019

Sanction Event
2019 Georgia State Regional 1Rally

Sanctioned Event

Grassy Pond Recreation Area in Lake Park, GA

Host Georgia (CVMA 25)

On October 18-20, 2019 Combat Vets Motorcycle Association Mississippi (CVMA 44) attended the Region 1 Rally. This year’s event was held at the Grassy Pond Recreation Area in Lake Park, GA and was hosted by Georgia (CVMA 25). Highlights of the rally included plenty of food, beverages, live music, biker games, costume contests, business meetings, and good old fashioned camaraderie. Even though we had Tropical Storm Nestor threatening to crash the party, everyone seemed to make the best of it and enjoyed the scheduled festivities.

Mississippi attendees included: Royce “Gator” Cannon (MS State Rep, FM-12323); Paul “Rambler” Marshall (MS State Sergeant at Arms, FM-10463); Mike “Buckeye” Baldwin (44-1 Commander, FM-18577); Tim “Gunz” Perry (44-1 XO, FM-18578); Al “Schultzee” Schultz (44-1 Treasurer, FM-17364); Shawn “Booger” Fellows (44-1 Secretary, FM-18942); Aimee “Lil One” Fellows (Aux-18942); Steve “Ace” Williams (FM-12667); Karen “Cookie” Williams (Sup-699); Michael “Torque” Welker (FM-21993); Ed “Crash” Baker (FM-5087); Jerry “Subdued” Foster (FM-18147); Stacey “Karma” Foster (Aux-18147); Curtis “Cowboy” Morse (FM-21694); Bob “Poncho” Poncet (FM-14729); Christopher “Dewy” Dewhirst (FM-21603); Jeff “Gee-P” Gee (FM-20229); Arties “AJ” Moody (Sup-377); Ron “Tombstone” Sparnecht (44-4 Commander, FM-22586); Shannon “Crescent Wrench” Lott (44-4 Treasurer, FM-19036); Glen “Cast Iron” Catoe (FM-23275); Brince “U-Turn” Conerly (FM-22886); Charles “T” Thomas (FM-14181); Cheryl Thomas (Aux-14181); Steve “Chappy” Chapman (44-2 Commander, FM-15531); David “Ghost” Thompson (FM-6228); Thomas “Joker” Kiser (FM-7204); Pedra “Clutch” Munoz (FM-15533); Austin “Sandman” Herlad (FM-18894); Brad “Bull Dawg” McCormick (FM-20088); Paul “Dutch” Bixler (FM-22132).