2019 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association State 44 Meeting – Sanction Event

Aug 22, 2019

CVMA, State Representative, Royce Gator Cannon Life Member FM-12323.
CVMA, State Public Relations Officer, Sebastian Ranger Pellerito Life Member FM-4771.
CVMA, State Seargent At Arms Paul Rambler Marshell Life Member FM10463

VIP: Gary Coolshot Lujan ,National Seargent At Arms and Bell Lujnut Lujan National Aux Vice President. Our Mississippi State Meeting was Saturday August 10, 2019 at Bonnie Blairs Cafe in
Brandon at 12:00 hrs, are Rally point was, Circle k. 13490 Hwy 49, Gulfport just North of Tractor Supply. KSU at O8:00 hrs.Tim Gunz Perry Executive Officer of Chapter 44-1 will lead us to the event in Brandon, MS. We also had a Safty briefing to all Members, on the Eminent Rain Storms coming in
our Location.

Attending Mississippi State Chapter Commanders
Mike Buckeye Baldwin Chapter 44-1 Commander FM-18577, Steven Chappy Chapman Chapter 44-2 Commander FM-15531, Ron Sputnik Sparnetht Chapter 44-4 Commander FM-22586, Bud Budster Oppelt Chapter 44-4A Detachment Commander FM-6396, Amanda Greer, Third State Auxiliary Representative Aux-8716 also gave a briefing to all Auxiliary members and introduced our National
Auxiliary Vice President Bell Lujnut Lujan.

We had a Special Patch Ceremony with our National Seargent At Arms Gary Coolshot Lujan all new members received there Patch and Photos were taken by our State Photographer from Chapter 44-1 Public Relations Officer Joe Diaz and Life Member Sup-414.

The Meeting started with the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and Reports from all
Chapter Commanders and Detachment. During this Meeting Ranger gave a briefing to all State members on the 2019 National Convention in Boise Idaho and on the Host Chapter 13-2 in Region 13.
Our State Representative wanted information concerning our 2020 National which will be held in
Jacksonville Florida. The dates are June 16, 2020 to June 21, 2020. The National Meeting will be held on Saturday June 20, 2020. More information will be put out as time proceeds. Stay tuned to this website for important updates. There was a report put out on Region 1 Rally in Georgia.

Ranger also had a discussion with all members pertaining to the History page on the website for the State, it needs improvement, we have a working group to put together a review for the State
Representative Royce Gator Cannon and all members. Under New business: The History working
group members are Sebasitan Ranger Pellerito State Public Relations Officer and Life Member
FM-4771, Logan Wolverine Reynolds FM-18576, Bud Budster Oppelt 44-4A Commander FM-6396.

Attending Members.
Royce Gator Cannon State Representative and Life Member FM-12323, Sebastian Ranger Pellerito
State Public Relations Officer and Life Member FM-4771, Mike Buckeye Baldwin Chapter 44-1
Commander FM-18577, Tim Gunz Perry Chapter 44-1 X/O FM-18578, Steve Luttrell Sleaux Ride FM-16387, Annette Bad Habit Knight FM-7052, Ed Baker Crash FM-5087, Patrick Thomas Tomcat FM-22882, John Powell Chop FM-19833, Michael LaBeau FM-23285, Shawn Fellows Booger FM-18942, Alan Schultz Schultzee FM-17364, Michael Welker FM-21993, Robert Simmons Guns FM-15743, Logan Reynolds Wolverine FM-18576, Steve Williams Ace FM-12667, Joseph MR Diaz Sup-414, A.J.Moody 007 Sup-377, Karen Williams Cookie Sup-699, Steven Chappy Chapman Chapter 44-2 Commander FM-15531, Amanda Greer Third State Auxiliary Representative Aux-8716, Bud Budster Oppelt Chapter 44-4A Commander FM-6396, Randy Hammond FM-5587, Michelle Hammond Aux-5587, Justin Hammond Sup-1066, Toan Hoang FM-22569, Jon Born FM-10973, Glenn
Catoe FM-23275, Charles Lat Mcinins, FM-22587, Robert Spinks FM-17000, Chares Thomas FM-
14181, George Baldwin Sup-1467, Thomas Disorbo FM-15053, Challandor Disorbo Aux-15053, Scott Guinn FM-22861, Lewis Holmes FM-9122, Dianne Holmes Aux-9122, John Sparnecht FM-22586, Ryan Rink FM-9627, John Mott FM-19526, Weylin Lott FM-19036, Christi Marshall Aux-10463, Robert Swann FM-20873, Zenia Mott Aux-19526, Paul Bixler FM-22132, Kenneth Tate FM-22315,
Kyle Stogner FM-23252, Robert Lucas Jr. FM-22439, Michael Scusselle FM-22195, Debbie Oppelt Aux-6396, Melvin Foree FM-22588, Brince Conerly FM-22886, Patrick Thomas FM-22882.