State 44 Election Meeting

Feb 14, 2019

2019 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
Mississippi CVMA, State 44 Election Meeting for Sergeant-AT-Arms
Sanction Event

Royce Gator Cannon Fifth CVMA, State Representative and Life Member FM- 12323.
Sebastian Ranger Pellerito CVMA, State Public Relations Officer 00 and Life Member FM-4771.

Representative, VIP Attending:
David Ghost Thompson Fourth State Representative and Life Member FM- 6228.

AT this time FULL Members and all Chapter Commanders on hand, to Cast there Votes, for State 44 Election for State Seargent-At- Arms Position, ensure that all members have there CVMA ID Cards with them for the Election and Vote if not, notify your Commander ASAP.

Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association BY-LAWS Revision O, June 6, 2017.

State Sergeant-AT-Arms:
1. Shall be elected by the full members of their respective State.
2. The term of office will be three years.
3. Responsibilities:
a. Will maintain order during any multi-chapter meeting called to order by the State Representative.
b. Will assist the State Representative with duties as directed/requested by the State State Representative.
c. Investigate CVMA Bylaw and Policy issues involving State members as directed by the State Representative.
d. Provide assistance and mentorship to Chapter SAAs when requested.
4. This position is not mandatory or required for every state but provides an additional tool for the states that want or feel the need for this position.

Chapter Commanders.

Mike Buckeye Baldwin Chapter 44-1 Commander FM-18577.
Steven Chappy Chapman Chapter 44-2 Commander FM-15531.
David Ghost Thompson Chapter 44-2A Detachment Sergeant-AT-Arms and Life Member FM-6228.
Chapter 44-3 Pending.
Paul Rambler Marshall Chapter 44-4 Commander and Life Member FM-10463.

Mississippi State 44 Meeting will be on Saturday, February 09, 2019 at 10:00 hrs, VFW Post 3036 210 Ronnie St Hattiesburg Ms. Introduction and Election for 2019 Mississippi State 44 Sergeant – At- Arms. At this time, we have one member for this Position. Paul Rambler Marshall Chapter 44-4 Commander and Life Member FM-10463. We Started our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Posted the Oldest Mississippi Guide On Flag from Chapter 44-1 with 10 Pendants. Arties A.J. Moody 007 Sup-377 and Life Member will Escort the Flag to start our meeting.

Total Members Attended: 39
Total Members Vote: 39 100%
Abstain: 0

Congratulation to our Newest State 44 Sergeant-AT-Arms, Saturday, February 09, 2019 at 11:00 hrs.
Paul Rambler Marshall State Sergeant-At-Arms FM-10463 and Life Member.
Royce Gator Cannon CVMA, State 44 Representative and Life Member FM- 12323, has given
his Approval on this Vote.

All State 44 Members Attending this Election, see Attendance Roster. RANGER
Royce Gator Cannon FM- 12323, Life Member.
Paul Rambler Marshll FM-10463 Life Member.
Sebastian Ranger Pellerito FM-4771, Life Member 00.
Arties A.J. 007 Moody Sup-377 Life.Member.
David Ghost Thompson FM- 6228.
Steven Chappy Chapman FM- 15531.
Mike Buckeye Baldwin FM- 18577.
Timothy Frederick FM-470.
Tim Gunz Perry FM- 18578.
Joseph Mr. D. Diaz Sup-414.
Michael Easy Money Hill FM-5875 Life Member.
Ed Baker FM- 5087.
Thomas Joker Kiser FM- 7204.
Weylin Shannon Lott FM- 19036.
Lewis Wardell Holmas FM- 9122.
John R. Powell FM- 19833.
Jamie Rodgers FM- 20738.
Logan Wolverine Reynolds FM- 18576.
Jon Born FM- 10973.
Ryan Rink FM- 9627.
Chris Manning FM-21920.
FM- 18894.
Jeff Ahrens FM-12940.
Mike Dipadova FM-3742.
John Mott FM-19526.
Alan Schultzee Schultz FM- 17364.
Gary Houdini Acuna FM- 18129.
Shawn Booger Fellows FM-18942.
Marvin Short- Fuse Cook FM- 12322.
Aimee Lil One Fellows AUX-18942.
Richard Too Tall Crist FM- 18864.
Bryan Crash Hanan FM- 16054.
Christopher Siappy Gaston FM- 20050.
Steve Williams FM- 12667.
Revis Fitch FM-21581.
Lewis Road Runner Wormeley FM-11561.
Welker FM- 21993.
Robert Walthall FM- 20762.
Karen Williams Sup-699.