2018 State Meeting – Sanction Event

Sep 11, 2018

2018 State Meeting
Sanction Event


Our State Representative, Royce Gator Cannon FM-12323 has given his Approval for our State Meeting to be a Sanction Event. Our New, and Oldest Guidon Flag with 10 Pendants Chapter 44-1will be on Display for the First time. Photos will be taken by MR. D. Diaz Chapter 44-1 Public Relations Officer and Life Member Sup 414. At Approximately 12:00 hrs we will ride to Berrys Seafood and Catfish House in Magee Mississippi.

We have VIPs, Attending our State Meeting today. Our Region One Representative Gary Coolshot Lujan. We have Two Candidates for Region One Representative, Visiting with us Today. They are Alabama State Representative Steve Izzy Isbell FM-5972 and Life Member CVMA since May of 2011 from Chapter 28-2 State of Alabama. Chapter 34-1 Commander Candace Hotlips Aguiar FM-4282 and Life Member of CVMA since 2010 from South Carolina.

Attending Mississippi State, Chapter Commanders.

Mike Buckeye Baldwin FM-18577 Commander Chapter 44-1, Thomas Joker Kiser FM-7204
Commander Chapter 44-2, David Ghost Thompson FM-6228 Sergeant at Arms 44-2A Detachment, Paul Rambler Marshall FM-10463 Commander Chapter 44-4.

Gary Coolshot Lujan Region One Representative and Life Member, Royce Gator Cannon FM-12323, Mississippi State Representative and Life Member, Sebastian Ranger Pellerito FM-4771 CVMA State Public Relations Officer and Life Member 00, Steve Izzy Isbell FM-5972 Alabama State Representative and Life Member, Candace Hot lips Aguiar South Carolina Chapter 34-1 Commander and Life Member, Michael Airborne Miller FM-11778 GA 25-4, Michael GaryWolf Phillps GA 25-4, FM-2385, Lawrence Pistol Pete Benfield FM-4999, Alan Sandspur Simmons Life Member FM-3592, Michael Easy Money Hill Life Member FM-5875, David Dusy Williams Life Member FM-6158, David Ghost Thompson Life Member FM-6228, Thomas Kiser Joker Commander 44-2 FM-7204, Donald Duck Greer FM-8716, Lewis Holmes Wardell FM-9122, Ryan Rink Sambo FM-9627, Paul RamblerMarshall Commander 44-4 Life Member FM-10463, Jon Jon Jon Born FM-10973, Lewis Road Runner Wormely FM-11561, Marvin Short Fuse Cook Life Member FM-12322, Scott Schroeder, FM-18280, Stanley Frugia Sarge 19399, Timothy Frederick FM-470, Jack Mad Dog Hillensbeck, Life Member FM-2041, James Crusty Gillen 7133, William Crow Driebergen FM-9386, Steve Ace Williams FM-12667, Steve Luttrell FM-16387, Ray Top Blanchard FM-16919, Alan Schultzee Schultz, 17364 Gary J Houdini Acuna FM-18129, Jerry Hook Set Foster FM-18147, Kenneth Buckley FM-18575, Mike Buckeye Baldwin Commander 44-1 FM-18577, Tim Gunz Perry XO 44-1 FM-18578, Shawn Booger Fellows FM-18942, Christopher Slappy Gaston FM-20050, Linda Lil Red Williams AUX-6158, Amanda Dairy Greer AUX-8716, Sharon Moody AUX-377, Kimberly Beans Driebergen AUX-9386, Sue Sue Breland AUX-16819, Stacey Kaema Foster AUX-18147, Arties A. J. Moody 007, SUP-377, Joseph MR. D. Diaz 44-1 Public Relations Officer Life Member SUP-414, Karen Cookie Williams SUP-699, Christopher Dewy Dewitirst New Member 44-1. Mark Speed Speedo FM-9467, Brennan Sames 44-2 18863, Watts Aaron Lumpy 44-2 FM-18794, Vice Shah Bigman 44-2 FM-7541, Aimee Fellows 18942, Brad McCormick 20088 44-2A, Brian Mcintyre Mac 44-2A, FM-00000, Robert Boomer Walthall 44-1 20762, Eddie Mareantel Big Ed 44-4 FM-20981, Rodgers 44-1 FM-20738, Dianne Holmes 44-4 AUX-9122, James Rodgers FM-20738 44-1.